Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Secret Garden

Thrifted lace top, Forever 21 spaghetti strap tank, thrifted sheer pleated maxi skirt, Forever 21 leopard heels, vintage necklace

Took a one-hour drive to the Huntington Library of Art and Botanical Gardens today with a couple of close girlfriends, Jlee of Chic & Dapper and Chan of Dainty World to research for a report that I have to write for my Historical Costume class.  It was well worth it because I ended up falling in love with everything in the museum.  I became very inspired by the girliness, femininity, pastel colors, soft shape, and beautiful women of the European artwork in the 18th century.  I kept having this constant urge to sit down in a big fluffy dress and have a cup of tea.  This period in time has become one of my favorites in terms of fashion!

The museum is HUGE- the map resembled one of Disneyland's!  We didn't even get to finish walking around since the opening hours were only from 12-4:45.  I spent more than an our in the art building taking pictures of artworks, and then we spent quite a long time outside in the gardens.  We only managed to go to two gardens, the Shakespeare Garden and the Chinese Garden.  The Chinese Garden was so lovely!  There were amazing scenery all over the museum, and we found many great opportunities for photographs.  It's such a beautiful place, and I'm looking forward to visiting the other many gardens that we did get a chance to visit yet.  I recommend everyone to visit the Huntington Library if you live nearby or ever happen to be nearby. 

We took a spontaneous detour on the way home to Buffalo Exchange in Long Beach (after getting lost a million times in the confusing streets of Long Beach- UGH!)  I found so many amazing things!!!  I can't wait to show you guys my purchases!!

The vintage necklace I wore to the museum is one of my favorites.  I got it super cheap at the Salvation Army a few years ago.  The mini roses are actually real dried up flowers.  The petals are even starting to fall off!  I love the Victorian feel of it.  The sheer pleated maxi skirt in a pastel greenish-blue along with my lace top are finds from my previous Buffalo Exchange trip that I mentioned in a blog post.  I love how my entire vintage-girly outfit depicted the mood and feel of the museum and the art galleries perfectly. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

We found love

 Thrifted jacket, thrifted button-up button-up shirt, Mossimo Black faux leather/contrasting knit material leggings, Mark shoes, Forever 21 clutch, Timex watch

Forgive me for not showing more full-body outfit pictures besides my side profile one.  My "photographer" (The Boyfriend) is not quite a photographer so out of all ten full-body pictures that he took of me, this was the only one in which I am not in an unflattering angle or in the midst of talking or blinking.  Sorry, baby, I love you and I love your effort... but next time I'm using my tripod!  0:)

This jacket is one of my many finds from thrifting on 2nd St. in Long Beach yesterday- it's also one of my favorite and cheapest out of the bunch.  It was only $7!  It's very well-made, the design is so unique, and I love the flower attachments to the tuxedo-inspired neckline and collar.  There are huge shoulder pads sewn into the jacket, which is not relevant to me since I already have broad shoulders, so I might have to remove that.  

I've been on the verge of being sick for the past couple of days, but this morning when I woke up, my throat felt like it was on fire.  I had to cancel all of my big plans today (including going to a museum over fifty minutes away to research for a historical costume report that I have to write).  Yeah, that was not going to happen.  So instead, I dropped off my car at the dealership because it was in desperate need of its second oil change (it's only over a year old- you can see bits and pieces of the dark gray Corolla in the picture above.)  The estimated time of service was about two hours, so I had my boyfriend pick me up to go get lunch.  We had a dificult time deciding where to eat because it was either 1) McDonald's where we eat almost every day, 2) too expensive, or 3) too far.  Then Primo remembered how we've been talking about trying out Five Guy's Burger and Fries, so we googled the nearest location, and after many U-turns and little quarrels over directions, we finally tried Five Guy's.  

And it was sosososososSO good.  We found love in Five Guy's Burgers and Fries.  I mean, seriously, how can you not? 

Doesn't this make you DROOL of hunger?!?!?!  They gave us so many Cajun fries that we ended up packing a whole bag filled with them because both of us could not finish one order of it with our meals.  

Then I accidentally left and forgot the bag of leftover fries next to the beverage station after I refilled my drink.

We were not happy campers after that. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

To Neverland

Forever 21 top, Mossimo Black pants, unknown shoes, random bracelets

Went to the library to study for a Historical Costume exam taking place the next day with my friend, Chan of daintyworld, and we both walked in a mesmerized daze towards the beautiful park behind the library.  It was filled with trees, grass, leaves, and all those other good nature-y stuff- pretty much the perfect backdrop (and subject!) for photos.  Evidently, I was not prepared for a fashion shoot with my thrown-on-I'm-going-to-be-a-hermit-and-study-all-day outfit.  I find Peter Pan collars to be so youthful, fun, and feminine, which is exactly what I felt when I wore this Peter Pan collared blouse. 

I've been on a thrifting craze lately.  My skin itches when I think about all of the amazing finds I might be missing out on when I miss even a week of a visit to my nearest Savers.  Today, I went to Buffalo Exchange (in my opinion, a "thrifting splurge" with its overpriced secondhand goods) and found so many great items.  I'm looking forward to future photoshoots with them!  

So did anyone else hear about the release of the Kindle Fire?  

I cannot speak enough of it!  It is AMAZING.  I'm a die-hard Amazon Kindle fan already- especially after buying my Kindle 3 wi-fi + 3G a month ago.  A tablet that could be just as good or even BETTER than an iPad?  For $199?  AND it's Kindle?  And it's through Amazon?- which I'm a Prime member of and a future credit-card holder (I applied for their credit card today.)  SOLD.

It won't release until November 15, but already there is a wait-list of people who pre-ordered them.  I pre-ordered one for myself that night.  At first I considered returning my Kindle e-reader to buy the Kindle Fire, but then I realize that they are two different products for two different needs.  The Kindle e-reader is perfect for reading because the battery can last up to 2 months on a single charge, the screen has no glare so it won't hurt my eyes, and it has free 3G internet everywhere I go.  The Kindle Fire is perfect for all modes of entertainment- movies, music, TV shows, magazines, books, browsing the internet, playing games, downloading apps, etc.  It's expected to sell over 3 million of them over this holiday season, so if you're thinking about getting one, pre-order it now before you find yourself calling a million stores only to find out that they all ran out of stock! 

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