Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just like oil on my hands

Forever 21 faux leather/knit contrast jacket and chiffon maxi skirt, H&M chunky knit beanie, faux Lita shoes from, gifted Guess snake wrap bracelet/watch

I discovered the next greatest thing to happen in my life today and that is Spotify.  I customized my own radio station to the many different genres that I like to listen to (indie, pop, soul, alternative, singer-songwriter...), which is how I discovered this amazing singer and song (click the play button at the bottom of this post!)  My boyfriend told me that it's a pretty old song from a few years ago, but I guess I'm slow because it's new to me.  Her voice is beautiful and this song is ridiculously stress-relieving (and, believe me, I have a lot of stress in my every day life- it doesn't help that I get anxiety attacks from them as well).  This song became the inspiration of what I wanted to wear today.  It is evident in the soft, flowy, salmon pink chiffon maxi skirt, but I couldn't help also throwing on my new chic find from Forever 21 this week: a leather jacket with knit sleeves!  It is unbelievably comfortable and the soft leather feels almost like real leather.  I love pairing contrasted materials and styles into my outfits- the softness of the skirt paired with the toughness of the jacket is a perfect match.  And now that it's chilly and almost-winter weather, I threw on a beanie.  Just because.     

"Dress to Nines"?  If you're wondering why I named this new blog, shop, and inspiration page "Dress to Nines", it is derived from the term "Dressed to the Nines", which means to be fashionable, chic, and well-dressed.  Now if you're wondering why I created an all-new blog from my previous blog on Tumblr, it is because I decided to start over [fashionably] fresh.  I will be posting only on this blog from now on out, so please bookmark and keep checking back for new and more regular updates!  My shop is still under maintenance, but check back real soon to shop for my designs and chic finds (this could be clothing, beauty products, home decors, and random knick knacks).  Also, don't forget about my inspiration page, where I post pretty pictures of pretty things daily!  Thanks for the support, everyone!  Please comment, share, and let me know what you think about all of my new changes!   

 Like a star by Corinne Bailey Rae

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  1. I almost bought this maxi skirt in the same color, but it was like a smidge too long with my flats and I really wanted to wear it with heels and flats so I didn't get it. Seeing how cute it is on you makes me regret it! You look super cute!!


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